The Full Monty Review

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The Full Monty Review

The Full Monty requires six very brave and talented men to fill the roles of unemployed ex-steelworkers and this production had certainly found them.

Jerry Lukowski (Iain Harvey) has not only lost his job but his wife as well and he is desperately fighting to keep contact with his son. His friend, Dave Bukatinsky (Rick Greenwood) is suffering from very low self esteem and the two men are devastated when they find their wives at a strip show.Jerry comes up with the money making idea of forming a group of male strippers and they gradually encourage others to join them. Harold Nichols (Ian Moorhouse) joins reluctantly to assist with dance routines and help fund the needs of his much loved wife. Malcolm Macgregor (Gareth James) finds friendship with the group and also a partner in Ethan Girard (Elliott Matthews). Noah ‘Horse’ Simmons (Reggie Challenger) brings along new moves for the performance and between them the show takes off.

These six men worked well together as a team and their singing and dancing moves were excellent. They were well cast in their roles and newcomer Reggie Challenger certainly earned his stripes.

They were well supported by the ladies in the story with strong performances from Laura Judge as Harold’s wife, Naomi Parkin as Jerry’s wife, Lizzie Parry as Dave’s wife and Sandy Nicholson as the long suffering piano player.

Alfie Coles was very winning as Jerry’s young son as I’m sure his ‘job share’ Alex Conlon would be at other performances.

There were some excellent cameo performances and the ladies of the company who had to move from audience to stage were very amusing. Their costumes were colourful and varied and good attention had been given to hairstyles and accessories.

The singing and dancing were strong throughout the show and the orchestra played sympathetically which enabled us to hear the words.

The simple set worked well and was easily changed with only one or two first night slip ups.It’s amazing what can be done with a few boxes and a little imagination.

This was a most enjoyable ‘comeback’ show and was very well received by the audience, it was a shame that there weren’t more of us. Come on Leeds, support your own society!