How to join

To join the society all prospective on stage members have to complete a New Members audition.

The audition is always a singing one, even if you want to take part as a dancer, and will normally take about 10-15 minutes. We ask you to pick a song and bring the sheet music with you to perform for the committee – an accompanist will be available to play for you.

Always pick something you feel comfortable with and that shows your talent to its best. There will also be some basic movement set on the day, taught in groups and then performed for the committee. 

All new member applications are triggered by completing the application form below.

Audition tips

 Allow plenty of time for travel to the venue for your audition.

 The Casting Committee will expect you to have prepared for the audition, know your character, understand their role in the piece and to have studied their music and dialogue.

 You will initially audition individually for the Casting Committee of 10 or more people.

 You will be introduced to the Casting Committee and have an opportunity to speak with the MD / Accompanist before you begin.

 You will have decided which role/roles you are wanting to audition for and will have prepared the pieces set by the Producer and Musical Director. You can audition in ‘costume’ if preferred and use helpful Props, but will not be penalised if you don’t. The music and/or dialogue pieces can either be learned or sung/read holding the audition material, without penalty.

 You may do your own audition in any appropriate manner. The Casting Committee want you to do your best and will understand if you stop and restart, or repeat the audition.

 Each individual audition is carefully considered and discussed. Please be understanding if you are not invited to stay, as selection is often very difficult. The Casting Committee are experienced and always grateful to all those who offer to audition, realising that it is a stressful process.

 The Casting Committee Chairman will provide candidates with performance Feedback, on request, as a help and assistance towards future auditions.

Application form

Please submit your details using the online form, make sure you answer all the relevant details in full. We will then get in touch with you when we next hold new member auditions.

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